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40kB individual object size increase in util-linux on arm*

Dear ARM Porters,

util-linux has an autopkgtest checking if its binaries contain any
large chunks of just zeroes. This check has recently began failing
on arm64, armel, armhf. I found that /bin/dmesg now has a 56kB size
region of just zeroes on arm64. Judging by the sizes of other
binaries, this seems to effect many of the util-linux (essential)

As I do not see any relevant changes in util-linux, I would suspect
this is a lingering issue in the toolchain (ld?) caused by small
alignment/size changes in the source or in linked libraries.

For now I have bumped the test limit to 80kB, but I imagine people
want small binaries, especially on "embedded" archs. Could you
please look into this?

You can see the size differences between util-linux_2.38-4 and
util-linux_2.38-5 in their build logs:


Some numbers for arm64:
  util-linux Installed-Size 5.2MB -> 7.7MB
  /bin/dmesg 88k -> 141k
  /bin/findmnt 85k -> 134k
  /sbin/fdisk 166k -> 198k
  libmount.so.1.1.0 424k -> 461k


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