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Re: vldm on armhf?

Arnd Bergmann dixit:

>gcc changed the way that you pass the floating point instruction set,
>so instead of -march=armv7-a one should now pass -march=armv7-a+fp
>to pick a target CPU that includes vfpv3-d16 FPU.

But we pass neither!

$ git grep -F armv7- | wc -l

>My guess is that in your case the compiler gets the wrong target CPU
>and passes that down to the assembler, which then refuses to build
>using FPU instructions.

Hmm. So rebuild with -v on a porterbox?

<ch> you introduced a merge commit        │<mika> % g rebase -i HEAD^^
<mika> sorry, no idea and rebasing just fscked │<mika> Segmentation
<ch> should have cloned into a clean repo      │  fault (core dumped)
<ch> if I rebase that now, it's really ugh     │<mika:#grml> wuahhhhhh

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