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Re: Debian Pinebook Pro

Alan Corey <alan01346@gmail.com> writes:


> AFAIK nobody has suspend working.

Last time (many months ago) I've looked at suspend with mainline, some
people were patching the kernel and it was also relying on rockchip
vendor uboot and vendor atf. For instance, look at the commits in :

I've not looked at the rockchip code (as long as the ATF is not binary
only...), but I would not be so surprised to see that there's a
different ucode for the m0 in the ATF.

Nevertheless, I've noticed recently this commit in mainline ATF:

So, maybe with that suspend is working with mainline
uboot/atf/kernel. Don't know. In case if it's working, I'm also
wondering if the power usage would be the same as the one with vendor


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