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Re: Debian on Pine64 H64B?

On zondag 12 september 2021 01:26:37 CEST Oregano wrote:
> OK, but nslookup raspi.debian.net and whois shows
> raspi.debian.net is hosted at NightmareHost, which probably explains the
> very long delays in seeing the site sometimes. I respect Gunnar's support
> for raspi's, but the choice of host could be much better, IMO.

The footer of the homepage of raspi.debian.net contains the following line:
Source code: this website | tool that generates the images | raspi firmware

Actual links:
website: https://salsa.debian.org/raspi-team/web-raspi-img/
tool to generate the images: https://salsa.debian.org/raspi-team/image-specs

You are free to host your images on your own site (or LAN). Then you don't 
have to suffer any delays imposed on you by the internet.
You can even customize your own image to suit your needs.

The source code is available. Feel free to make use of it.

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