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Debian (installer) on Pinebook Pro

On 2021-09-11, Oregano wrote:
> September 11, 2021 11:30 AM, "Peter Ehlert" <pb21a@sdi-baja.com> wrote:
>> On 9/11/21 1:11 AM, Keith Bainbridge wrote:
>>> Andrei -- happy Debian user of a PINE A64+ and (still) considering
>>> the Pinebook Pro for my next laptop
> Debian installer on an SD card ran OK, but wasn't able to
> successfully connect to the network, or install to the EMMC, or
> both. It was probably user error due to not connecting extra power to
> the docking station to get a good ethernet cable connection...

I have had the odd issue, quite repeatable (and confirmed by at least
one other person), where the ethernet on the usb-c docking station (and
various other functions) only work with the usb-c connector is in one
particular orientation; because USB-C isn't *supposed* to require a
particular orientation there's no obvious marking which side is which,
so I have to find it pretty much by trial and error... someday I'll get
clever and mark it when I find the working orientation.

Fairly late in the bullseye release cycle several things got fixed for
the Pinebook Pro; might be worth trying again if you haven't tried

live well,

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