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Re: iMX8 support in debian

On Wed, Mar 24, 2021 at 4:02 AM Wookey wrote:

> I discovered this week that iMX8 is not enabled in the debian
> kernels. Does anyone know why not? It seems a rather major omission,
> and too late to fix for bullseye now. Did just no-one ask? Or no-one
> get round to it?

I guess all the folks using common iMX8 hardware are using Debian
derivatives rather than Debian itself, so they didn't think about
including iMX8 support in Debian?

I can't see anything about it in the freeze policy, but I got the
impression from reading a few unblocks that adding hardware support is
acceptable during the freeze (and in Debian stable updates). Perhaps
talk to the Debian Linux kernel team about it.




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