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Re: RPi customization utility [Re: More progress to report [Re: Debian Bullseye on Raspberry Pi 4 4GB?]]

On Du, 28 feb 21, 06:49:49, Alan Corey wrote:
> Right, I wasn't exactly recommending running raspi-config on a non-raspian
> system but looking at how it does things and doing them manually.  One of
> the things I dislike about Debian (I haven't looked at others) is that
> there's an ever-increasing hodgepodge of specialized little scripts.  If
> you've been using it awhile you're probably not in the habit of re-reading
> documentation to see if somebody changed how you're officially supposed to
> do something.

What scripts would that be?

The 'dpkg-reconfigure' command is the standard method to (re)configure 
packages that are using debconf.

As far as I know the Debian Installer does the equivalent of 
'dpkg-reconfigure --priority=<priority> <package>' (when run manually 
'priority' defaults to 'low').

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