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Re: More progress to report [Re: Debian Bullseye on Raspberry Pi 4 4GB?]

Bullseye 64 Bit does more or less work. There arise problems when you install a desktop with media players which deliver audio and should give output to the headphone plug and HDMI.

I also had to find out that all 64 Bit versions of all distributions are much less powerful than the 32 Bit solution of the same software. The benchmark by T. Kaiser shows that some performances of 64 Bit are only about half of the values compared to the 32 Bit installation :-(

Unfortunately the Bullseye 32 Bit kernel seems not to boot, because the support of USB looks broken:
I just wonder why this bug has not got any answers?

My personal judgement: The Pi 4 with 8GB RAM has fantastic performance for a small desktop system at very low cost. For this reason I grudgingly accept  the closed source blobs required...

Happy computing!

On 26.02.21 04:50, Rick Thomas wrote:
I installed the most recent Bullseye image [1] on my Pi4B (4GB) a few days ago.  It's happily running on the table next to me right now.

Here's what I found:

It loads and boots just as expected.  Apt and tasksel work and I was able to install all the utilities I need to make it useful on my network.

However, I noticed a couple of things that I should have expected, but nevertheless caused me some confusion at first:
1) The default timezone is set to UTC.  I had to manually set it to account for the fact that I live on the US West Coast.
2) When I tried to use aptitude, it complained about not having "locale" info.  I would have expected default locale to be set to something like "C" that would avoid the error messages, even if some/most users would want to re-set it to their own preferences, later on.

It would be nice if there was a README describing these quirks (and any others I've missed), and how to deal with them after the first boot.  Even better would be if there was a script that automatically ran on the first boot that asked a bunch of questions and made the appropriate customizations automatically.  I'd be willing to write such a script if someone else would first write the README so I knew exactly what the script needed to do.

Great work!  Looking forward to the next iteration.


[1]  "2021.02.10    11 (Bullseye)    4"   https://raspi.debian.net/tested-images/

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