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Re: Status of Debian on QNAP

On Thu, Nov 26, 2020 at 11:33 AM Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> wrote:
> * Luca Olivetti <luca@ventoso.org> [2020-11-26 11:15]:
> > > QNAP support won't be in Debian 11 (and probably the whole armel port
> > > will be dropped).  Support in the Debian kernel package was disabled
> > > in August 2019 due to size issues.
> >
> > So that's not QNAP specific, all kirkwood[*] based machines will be
> > unsupported, right?
> It is QNAP specific.  The flash layout on QNAP devices doesn't have
> enough space to hold modern versions of the Linux kernel.
> > [*]I have a lacie network space 2 that has been serving me well for several
> > years, though I'd like more memory and more bogomips.
> I don't know if there's a limitation for LaCie devices.
> Does it boot from flash or disk?

According to the arch/arm/boot/dts/kirkwood-laplug.dts file in the kernel
(if that is the right machine), it has 512MB NAND flash, with a 16MB
partition for the kernel, so that would still be sufficient for a while.


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