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Re: Status of Debian on QNAP

El 20/11/20 a les 6:36, Martin Michlmayr ha escrit:

QNAP support won't be in Debian 11 (and probably the whole armel port
will be dropped).  Support in the Debian kernel package was disabled
in August 2019 due to size issues.

So that's not QNAP specific, all kirkwood[*] based machines will be unsupported, right?

[*]I have a lacie network space 2 that has been serving me well for several years, though I'd like more memory and more bogomips.

While I still get emails about Debian on QNAP, the amount of email
has definitely decreased over the years, so I think by the time
Debian 10 reaches its end of life most people will be okay with
decommissioning the hardware (or running an unsupported OS).

Any suggestion for a suitable replacement (arm based or otherwise), cheap, reliable and *silent*? The lacie is "just" running smtp/cyrus-imapd/nfs and a mosquitto server (plus a couple of python scripts), but I'd like the replacement to be able to do something more (possibly nextcloud or some other gphoto replacement like, e.g., photoprism).


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