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Re: Is there any "easy to use" arm64 laptop

W dniu 13.10.2020 o 12:47, Andrei POPESCU pisze:
On Ma, 13 oct 20, 09:28:15, Andreas Tille wrote:

Since I have not given up the plan to have a "small laptop replacement"
for my amd64 workhorse, I wonder whether you might be able to recommend
some hardware with the following features:

The PineBookPro comes pretty close to your requirements, provided you
are willing to run bullseye on it.
    1. Easy installation from Debian installer USB medium (just if
       I would install some Intel machine but with an arm64 image)

SD card images only[1].

If you spend an hour on building U-Boot for on-board SPI flash then you can use normal AArch64 ISO.

I went that way on RockPro64 (RK3399 like Pinebook Pro).

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