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Is there any "easy to use" arm64 laptop


I have one of the first PineBooks and realised I have not used it much.
The reason is that I that I realised I had too much time to invest to
get it running fully to become productive with it.  It started that I
was not able to use plain Debian installer media and I also did not got
the graphics acceleration working which is required for some
applications that are crashing otherwise.

Since I have not given up the plan to have a "small laptop replacement"
for my amd64 workhorse, I wonder whether you might be able to recommend
some hardware with the following features:

   1. Easy installation from Debian installer USB medium (just if
      I would install some Intel machine but with an arm64 image)
   2. Graphics works smoothly including acceleration (not necessarily
      fast - but applications should not simply crash)
   3. Featuring a SSD (500GB, may be 1TB)
   4. Tested for things like video conferencing with Jitsi

Does this kind of hardware exist and where can I buy it in Europe (I had
to pay 25% of custom when my Pinebook was shipped which came somehow

Thanks for any hint


PS: If I could buy such a thing I would give away my pinebook to someone
    who might want to use it for Debian development.

PPS: Please CC me, I'm not subscribed to this list.


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