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Re: Is there any "easy to use" arm64 laptop

On 2020-10-13 08:28, Andreas Tille wrote:

I have one of the first PineBooks and realised I have not used it much.
The reason is that I that I realised I had too much time to invest to
get it running fully to become productive with it.  It started that I
was not able to use plain Debian installer media and I also did not got
the graphics acceleration working which is required for some
applications that are crashing otherwise.

I think that those installation issues would be much easier to solve if you use a different distro. Debian has always been conservative with poor support for cutting edge hardware, especially if you want to use Stable rather than Testing. Those of us with longer memories will remember how 10-15 years ago it was quite hard to get Debian to work on an average laptop, but Ubuntu was much easier because they had better support for cutting edge hardware & better defaults. I think the situation is now similar for arm dev boards.

My personal recommendation would be to use the Armbain distro which I am using successfully on another Pine64 dev board, and which has support for your pinebook, and has a very similar userspace to Debian. You might also consider Arch or Ubuntu, though I have no experience of running those on arm hardware.


PPS: Please CC me, I'm not subscribed to this list.

That is rude. If you want our help then you should join the list and participate. This is not a high traffic list, and perhaps you will have something to contribute on another issue.

David Pottage

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