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Re: MP30-AR0 arm64 sdcard slot not detected

On 20/10/2019 17:40, Steve McIntyre wrote:
Hi Mike,

On Sat, Oct 19, 2019 at 07:29:41AM +0100, Michael Howard wrote:
Posted this to wrong list initially, sorry all!

I've just re-installed debian (stretch) on the Gigabyte MP30-AR0 board using
the installer netinst iso (any later install images fail) and the sdcard slot
is not showing up. The kernel is vmlinuz-4.9.0-11-arm64 and I have also rebuilt
it ensuring all the MMC options I should need are selected.

I'm now suspecting a devicetree issue. Checking the output from dtc, using 'dtc
-I fs -O dts /sys/firmware/devicetree/base' there is no mention of mmc.
However, an 'mmc' entry exists in the source code file 'apm-storm.dtsi', which
is 'included' by  'apm-mustang.dts', which I'm assuming is the dts file used by
the kernel build system, I used bindeb-pkg to build the debs.

Previously, I've manually built the image, modules and dtb (last occasion using
mainline 4.9.2) and the card slot was not a problem.

Anybody any ideas as to what's happening? Can I ensure that 'bindeb-pkg' uses a
specific dts? If so, how?
First question: how are you booting the system? U-Boot or UEFI?

Hi Steve,

Both :) My approach with this board has been to chainload UEFI from u-boot , the board in the same state as it arrived a few years back. This works well except that with modern kernels (post 4.5) there is no mmc. With a centos 4.5 kernel I get the mmc slot as I do with mainline 4.2 and debian.

With newer kernels, no mmc slot.

I flashed the board with UEFI but it made no difference to the apearance of the mmc slot and actually prevented earlier kernels from booting. Though newer ones booted fine.

So, I'm back to u-boot chainloading UEFI.

IME the X-Gene platform should normally use a DTB provided by
firmware. There are bits of the platform that are configured by
firmware at boot, so you can't reliably use a static DTB with the
kernel image.

So, are you saying that the best approach is a direct load of uImage, uInitrd and FDT from uboot, bypassing UEFI?

The newer 4 series debian kernels appear to put the correct dtb in '/usr/lib/${uname -r}'. Using 'dtc' on those dtb reveals the mmc entry in the output but the same 'dtc' command run against the running system produces output _without_ the mmc enrty.

Editing the grub command line to specify a 'dtb' makes no difference either.

I've been banging my head against the wall for a few weeks on this.

Ultimately, I wanted to use the four sata slots for iSCSI but that leaves me with no OS. I could of course just use the 4.2 kernel that works but I want to know why ....

USB sucks on this board (and so might the mmc slot), an install to usb takes in the order of 10 times the time to install to sata.

It's not the end of the world, just one of things that bug you.



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