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Fixing stretch debian-installer on armhf

Due to #922478, the debian-installer images for stretch are currently
not bootable on the armhf architecture.

While the linux kernel packages have been fixed in stretch-updates and
stretch-proposed-updates, the debian-installer images still were built
with the broken kernel.

Even rebuilding the debian-installer images, while pulling in a working
kernel that would boot, debian-installer would load .udeb modules from
stretch, not stretch-updates. This might be ok for hd-media targets or
targets that do not load module .udeb files from the network, but
netboot targets are not likely to work at all.

So some of the options at the moment appear to be:

* Wait for another point release, rebuild debian-installer, leaving
  debian-installer on armhf broken until then. How long till the next
  point release?

* Rebuild the debian-installer images, pulling in updates from
  stretch-updates, leaving only armhf netboot targets broken. 

* Another point release with the kernel update sooner than planned, and
  rebuild debian-installer images.

* Other options?

In the future, I plan on setting up at least one or two of armhf
machines running stable-proposed-updates to try to catch this sort of
thing before release...

live well,

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