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Re: a Debian executable on Android

> Well, there's the Ubuntu Phone, not pure Debian, but probably the
> closest you can get on current hardware without rooting a device:
> https://store.bq.com/en/ubuntu-edition-e5/
> and a Tablet is also coming:
> http://www.bq.com/es/aquaris-m10-ubuntu-edition
> I don't know how much this is locked down though, and whether it would
> be possible to replace Ubuntu easily -  i.e. what "added value" is
> provided by Canonical.

These do not seem to be available, where they ever offered?

I see Ubuntu Touch is available on Nexus 7 2nd gen aka 2013.
Perhaps if there was enough demand, a manufacturer
could be convinced to make a clone of this very popular device,
maybe even the OEM, Asus.  It would be awesome to have
an unlocked debian device in this very sleek (if someone fragile)
form factor.

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