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Re: libopencsd backport?

W dniu 04.03.2019 o 03:23, Wookey pisze:
> Marcin asked for a backport of libopencsd (coresight trace decoding 
> via perf) to backports.

This is buster kernel build dependency. At Linaro we are using this
packaging for our kernel releases built for stretch.

I have this package built in one of Linaro repositories so no big rush
for stretch-backports from my side. There are plans to move to buster in
next two months.

> I'm not quite sure that libopencsd qualifies yet. (popcon gvies 1
> whole user :-) And you'd need a new kernel-tools too to get a working
> perf. And the one testing will be in stable in a couple of months or
> three anyway.

Stretch-backports has everything needed to build 4.20/5.0 kernel using
packaging from sid/master branches of kernel-team repo.

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