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icinga2 in stretch-backports: build failures on arm{el,hf}

Hi ARM porter folks,

A few days I uploaded an icinga2 backport, and this has failed to build
on the 32-bit ARM architectures; it fails to run its test suite.
Unfortunately it's all C++ and Boost, and that's not something I'm
familiar with at all.

The normal stretch version seems to build fine, and it builds fine in
unstable, just my no-change backport (which will be using older Boost
and compiler versions, naturally).

The logs are:


I'd really appreciate some advice on what the issue might be and/or the
best way to fix it.

I personally use icinga2 on ARM boards so it would be really nice to
have it working - I use it as an agent that connects to my central
Icinga server.


Chris Boot

GPG: 8467 53CB 1921 3142 C56D  C918 F5C8 3C05 D9CE EEEE

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