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Re: Problems using stock kernel armmp with Marvell 38x hardware.


[I already replied to this mail in private by accident, so there is some
old stuff in it for LinAdmin]

On Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 10:45:06AM +0200, LinAdmin wrote:
> a) In the kernel config I used, the buffer management
> CONFIG_MVNETA_BM_ENABLE was set, while in
> config-4.9.0-8-armmp it is not set. This seems to lower
> network throughput by approx. 20%.

I enabled this one: https://deb.li/30EZC

> b) Dmesg always shows "sr_init: platform driver register
> failed for SR". This comes from activated SmartReflex/OMAP
> power management which lacks in all Marvell designs. It
> seems not to have other consequences but I would prefer not
> to see any errors in dmesg.

This error message is always accompanied by another one:

	sr_init: No PMIC hook to init smartreflex
	sr_init: platform driver register failed for SR

I send a patch to remove the first one:


and the second is gone since


which is in v4.17-rc1.

Best regards

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