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Re: firefox-esr security support for arm?

Marc wrote:
I use Raspberry Pies running Debian Stretch (armhf 32-bit)
Yesterday's message to debian-security-announce was a bit of a morning
shock for me.

In my case, I'm using arm64 devices (ODROID-C2) running stretch.
But I have armhf as an extra architecture (dpkg --add-architecture)
so that I can install packages whose arm64 versions aren't available
or don't work properly.  There were quite a few of these when I first
got the boards (pre stretch) but fewer now.  In particular, I am
using the armhf version of firefox.

So, perhaps I should avoid the problem of the lack of an armhf
rust compiler and hence lack of updated firefox packages by trying
to install the 64-bit firefox package?

Does anyone know if I am likely to encounter problems with
firefox-esr:arm64 ?  In particular if anyone has tried using it
on an ODROID-C2 or similar (kernel 3.14, no GPU support) please
let me know.  I am cautious about just trying it because I fear
the difficulty involved in rolling back if necessary.  Should I
just wait until someone has made the rust stuff work on armhf?

Thanks, Phil.

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