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firefox-esr security support for arm?

Hi all,

I use Raspberry Pies running Debian Stretch (armhf 32-bit) with a
custom Linux kernel for both my Desktop and Portable systems.  I have
been using firefox-esr (with some modifications for speed and security)
as a browser so far.

Yesterday's message to debian-security-announce was a bit of a morning
shock for me.  Namely this part:

Moritz Muehlenhoff <jmm@debian.org> wrote:

> In addition, the new Firefox packages require Rust to build. A
> compatible Rust toolchain has been backported to Debian stretch, but is
> not available for all architectures which previously supported the
> purely C++-based Firefox packages. Thus, the new Firefox packages
> don't support the armel, armhf, mips, mips64el and mipsel architectures
> at this point.

Apparently lacking enough caffeine, I could not find any relevant
discussions about this so far.  I did notice that the current version
of firefox-esr for armhf is present in sid (but I am loath to run
sid on production systems), and that mozilla.org does not seem to
distribute any binaries for arm.

What's the realistic way forward from here, assuming that I would like
a browser with security support?  Pull firefox-esr plus dependencies
from sid (probably quite intrusive)?  Switch to chromium-browser?
Switch to another distribution or even a BSD?  Or am I overreacting and
should just wait a couple of days for (Rust and) Firefox to magically
appear in stretch-backports? :)


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