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Re: Busbox missing fdisk and fsck: How to add?

On 23/05/2018 11:57, Paul Wise wrote:
On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 4:55 PM, Gilles wrote:

It looks like the easiest solution to the problem would be cross-compiling
fsck on a i386 Linux host, and copying the binary onto the the appliance.
It is getting better but usually compiling natively is much easier.

I only have shallow experience with cross-compiling, though: Is this
newbie-doable or am I in for days of head-scratching ?
If the source package is cross-compilable, then it isn't much
different from compiling natively.


IIRC Helmut (one of the few people working on it) says only about 10%
of Debian is cross-compilable though. If anyone wants to help improve
that, please introduce yourself on the debian-cross mailing list.


Thanks for the infos. I'll try this if I need to cross-compile an app one day.

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