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Re: aptitude is blowing up again.

On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 12:46 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:

> I know you cannot remove a package with it, because its interpretation of
> dependencies will leave you with an unbootable, destroyed system. Its
> done that to me several times already.

I remove packages with aptitude all the time and have no problem with
that. You can remove packages with apt if aptitude isn't working for

> So when do we get a default, just works, does _only_ what you ask it to,
> text/ncurses based package manager with a bare bones arm64 install?
> Something you can actually build a working system with?

For me, aptitude is exactly that, except I have no arm64 hardware, but
aptitude isn't any different on different architectures, except it is
of course slower on slower disks and CPUs.

I think you might be better suited by a few things:

Choose one environment instead of two.

Use a light-weight WM like openbox instead of a desktop.

Turn off recommends in your apt configuration to reduce the size of the image.

APT::Install-Recommends "false";

Build the rootfs on a fast SSD/HD (or tmpfs if you have enough RAM)
with a fast CPU. One way would be on amd64 using qemu-debootstrap from
qemu-user-static and then write the completed rootfs to your SD card.

Start with the --variant=minbase option for debootstrap to ensure only
the minimal is initially installed.

> While I am up on my soapbox about this, that set of html docs on aptitude
> someone pointed me at, is that available in a printable pdf? Link plz if
> it is.

Doesn't look like it. You could file a bug against aptitude-doc-en.




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