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Re: Re: debian and wol on Buffalo Linkstation WXL

On Mon, Dec 25, 2017 at 6:51 PM, rosanna wrote:

> btw, about the second option (i.e. booting Debian using the Linux kernel
> image from the original buffalofirmware)... well.. I hope to be able to
> perform it.. I'm not an expert... In case, have you a suggestion for a
> how-to, some instructiones etc?

I'm not very familiar with your hardware or the layout of the original
firmware, but I would guess once you have booted Debian you need to do
something like below, if you need an real-time guidance on these, you
can join the #debian or #debian-arm IRC channels.

# Create a temporary directory
mkdir tmp

# Mount the partition that contains the original firmware rootfs or a
copy of it.
sudo mount /dev/something tmp

# Copy the initrd, uImage, modules from the original firmware rootfs to Debian
sudo cp tmp/boot/uImage.buffalo /boot/uImage.buffalo.original-firmware
sudo cp tmp/boot/initrd.buffalo /boot/initrd.buffalo.original-firmware
sudo cp tmp/lib/modules/* /lib/modules

# Next you will have to configure u-boot to boot your alternative kernel
# If you have access to the u-boot command prompt, that is the best
# method since you can make it happen only for one boot.
# Print the configuration with printenv and set variables with foo=bar
# You want to change the ones that mention uImage.buffalo/initrd.buffalo
# to mention these instead: uImage.buffalo.original-firmware

# If you do not have access you can move the Debian initrd/uImage aside
# and symlink the old version from the original firmware to be booted by default
sudo mv /boot/uImage.buffalo /boot/uImage.buffalo.debian
sudo mv /boot/initrd.buffalo /boot/initrd.buffalo.debian
sudo ln -s uImage.buffalo.original-firmware /boot/uImage.buffalo
sudo ln -s initrd.buffalo.original-firmware /boot/initrd.buffalo

# Unmount & reboot
sudo umount tmp
sudo reboot

# Check which version of Linux you are running after boot
uname -a



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