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Re: need sd card backup on r-pi-3b

On 25/09/17 14:30, Gene Heskett wrote:
On Monday 25 September 2017 05:15:36 Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:

I believe lo is now inserted automatically.

Its not mentioned as a builtin in the debian handbook pdf, I read the
networking section yesterday looking for clues. I've another machine
about 3 feet from the rock64 thats logged into their forum.

A virgin interfaces file here (actually, a copy before I made any changes) doesn't have it. That's from pukka Debian running on an RPi rather than Raspbian, I can't remember where I saw the comment that it was now optional (albeit harmless) and my usual practice is to put it in when I set up static addresses etc.

I've just fired up a known-good RPi3 on a 3A PSU with Stretch
2017-09-07, and I think there's something fundamentally wrong: no
display on HDMI,

That I've had all along, from the first powerup. There's 3 or 4 threads
about that on the forum that I need to re-read. But I get the impression
most are winders escapees, if they say they've fixed it, they never give
a clue as to HOW they fixed it. Frustrating to a new reader.

I experimented with the same RPi a couple of weeks ago connected to a DVI port on an NEC Multisync, and got a display. However today it certainly wouldn't talk happily to a dedicated HDMI Philips monitor... I lack the time to investigate in any depth and I've put so much time into trying to get these things to work with "unusual" HDMI-connected devices that I don't have much inclination either.

but capslock on the keyboard toggles as expected.

Thats from the batteries in the keyboard if its wireless. My logitech
k-360s caps lock indicators work when they are out of radio reach.

Wireless? /Wireless?/ Wash your mouth out. Classic IBM PS/2 keyboards don't /do/ wireless, and neither do I when I can possibly avoid it.

But that brings up a question: How do I give a machine a known name, so
even if its address changes with the next connection, I can still login
to it by that machine name? I am so used to static addresses, I never
learned how to make dhcp work transparently.

We tend to use a lot of static addresses and hardcoded DNS names around here, which in part reflects the "maturity" of our overall system. However these days, if you have an e.g. ISC DHCP and DNS server on a "nearbu" system they can update each other... this is something that I've had working and is pretty much SOP but there's no way I'd call myself practiced and competent to talk you through it :-)

Now, I'd better go refill the missuses coffee cup and see what she wants
for breakfast. She's a skinny thing, no padding, fell and busted a hip
back in February, has COPD too so she's not getting around very good. So
I'm doing it all.

Look after yourselves.

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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