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Is this the right list to discuss Debian problems on pinebook?


I'm not (yet) subscribed to this list since I just want to know first
whether this is the right list.  I've recently bought a pinebook[1] and
my first surprise was that I can not simply use Debian installer images.
I was advised to use the pine installer and use Q4os image to install a
mini SD card.  From there I copied the image to the eMMC memory.  I
ended up with a Jessie based Debian fork.  I removed the Q4os sources
from my sources.list and successfully upgraded this to stretch without
any major problems.  However I have not seen any way to upgrade the
kernel which is at version 3.10 and *not* installed from kernel-image
package but some manually installed /boot/kernel file.

Before I brick my system and start from scratch:  Is this the right list
to ask questions like:  How can I upgrade my pinebook kernel to the
latest stretch kernel?  An other question would be:  How can I obtain
the battery status (xfce4-battery just claims it is empty, which is not
true, since if I plug in the power adapter an on screen notification
says fully loaded,  acpi is not providing any information - most
probably since the kernel dkms package does not build with this old

In short:  Is this the right list for this kind of questions or should
I rather ask this on pine64 forum.

My use case for this laptop is just a bit curiosity, just a bit testing
of Debian Med packages on arm64 hardware and taking it with me when
traveling to have some box for browsing and e-mail and explicitly do
*not* want to do any serious Debian work.  So I do not intend to do some
serious arm development.  If this is the major purpose of this list I'm
probably wrong here.  The only thing I might provide would be a libump
package[2] since this is a free precondition for the non-free graphics
driver[3] which I needed to rebuild to get back my graphics screen under

Kind regards


[1] https://www.pine64.org/?page_id=3707
[2] https://github.com/libv/libump
[3] https://github.com/ssvb/xf86-video-fbturbo


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