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Re: New hardware

Hi Paul,

thanks for your answer.

> You could write up a page about how to install Debian on it:

The original device runs Android, and at the moment we use the
backup boot method to boot a kernel and use the root from 
an external SD card. I will write something down.

> If it uses u-boot as the bootloader, or if upstream u-boot supports
> it, you could test the status of the Debian u-boot packages on it:
> https://wiki.debian.org/U-boot/Status

Yes, it uses uboot. I will look into the u-boot package.

> You could add support for it to the Debian Installer, probably
> starting with flash-kernel.
> https://packages.qa.debian.org/f/flash-kernel.html

Thanks for the pointer, I will look into it.

> You could package whatever software is needed in Debian to regain the
> functionality of the OS it ships with under Debian.

Hahaha, the original software was a text editor with some features
like compare etc. Target was pure note taking in text format ;-)
I think everything the device did originally can easily be done in
Debian already.

All the best


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