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New hardware

Dear all,

(please Cc, not on the list for now)

I am living in Japan and recently got my hands on a device called
	Pomera DM200 [0]
With the help of some Japanese pages [1] [2] I got Debian booting
from the SD card of the device. There are a few pages in English
about it, too [3] [4]

I am now testing several things and playing around with the device,
so I thought I asked whether there is anything you want to know
or what I can do for you?

The device has wlan, bluetooth, can run X.

I am currently on jessie, but contemplating switching to sid (as
Debian Dev I prefer to have my devices on sid ;-)

All the best


[0] http://www.kingjim.co.jp/pomera/dm200/
[1] https://www.ekesete.net/log/?p=8940
[2] http://hitoriblog.com/?p=51448
[3] https://www.flickr.com/groups/39436080@N00/discuss/72157674149674742/
[4] https://www.amazon.com/KINGJIM-Digital-memo-Pomera-DM200-Black/dp/B01LXQZ4WI

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