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Re: Errors and crash while (re-)installing Debian on TS-421

On Sat, 2017-07-08 at 14:37 +0200, Moritz Horstmann wrote:
> I tried to use the daily image of the installer, with this the box 
> doesn't come online anymore and unfortunately I don't have a serial 
> cable to see what happens.

Oh, that's a pain.

> I managed though to get the dmesg from the 4.9 installer kernel, it's in 
> the attachment.


> I will set up the recovery now, is there any way to find out why the 
> installer with 4.11 kernel doesn't come online?

Without a serial console it's pretty tricky. 

"Luckily" I just installed 4.11 on my working 6821 qnap and it isn't
booting either, hopefully/probably it's the same issue as you are
suffering. Unfortunately all I see on the console is "Uncompressing
Linux... done, booting the kernel."


I'll recover that and have a play, see if I can figure this bit out at


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