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Re: Errors and crash while (re-)installing Debian on TS-421

A quick me too.

My TS-221 has very similar issues <https://lists.debian.org/debian-arm/2016/10/msg00041.html>

To me it seems the change from kirkwood to Marvell flavour triggered this for the 6282 SOC.

My TS-219 with a 6281 SOC has no issues with recent stretch kernels.


On July 7, 2017 5:07:03 PM GMT+02:00, Moritz Horstmann <debian-arm@mhorstmann.eu> wrote:
>I am running Debian on a QNAP TS-421, but since the upgrade to Stretch 
>it was quite unstable with errors in dmesg and the occasional crash. 
>Also the second LAN-interface and the LCD wouldn't work.
>I thought there might have been a problem with the upgrade, so now I am
>trying to reinstall Debian from scratch. I followed the manual on 
>Martins page and flashed kernel-6282 to mtdblock1 and the intrd to 
>The installer starts up fine, but while it tries to dowonload some
>it crashes, the screen page of the installer closes. After the crash I 
>can see some errors in dmesg:
>> [  231.122752] BUG: Bad rss-counter state mm:c0960d80 idx:1 val:1
>> [  236.809693] Unhandled fault: external abort on linefetch (0x814)
>> 0xb6d70000
>> [  236.896214] pgd = c0948000
>> [  236.928584] [b6d70000] *pgd=3a4ac831
>These have been also occuring from time to time before I tried to 
>reinstall but didn't seem to result in a crash.
>I have attached the syslog of the whole installation session until the 
>crash. The problem seems to occur after the second error ("Unhandled 
>fault: ...").
>As these errors occured before and are now happening with the installer
>I am wondering if there is an incompatibility between the hardware and 
>the kernel, or maybe some fault with my hardware?
>Any help is most welcome! Should I supply any more information?
>Kind regards,

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