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Re: arm64 pointer tagging, VA-bits, the end of the world...

On 08/17/2016 05:16 PM, Alexander Graf wrote:

Am 17.08.2016 um 16:58 schrieb Jeremy Linton <jeremy.linton@arm.com>:


On 08/17/2016 09:51 AM, Koen Kooi wrote:

Op 17 aug. 2016, om 16:39 heeft Leif Lindholm <leif.lindholm@linaro.org> het volgende geschreven:

Hi all,

(Sent to cross-distro with debian-arm on cc.)

We have an 'interesting' situation ahead of us, or indeed some of us
have already fallen into it:


The applications we know are affected are luajit and mozjs (libv8 is
not a problem). But this has a follow-on cost: both of these are used
by other packages. Other jit/runtime packages could have their own

The mozjs bug is fixed on trunk, and will hopefully make it into
release 49[2], but it remains to be seen if that's too late for some

Since mozjs is “special” when it comes to API, you have to depend on a specific version of it, so policykit hard-depends on mozjs17, which has no fixes available for the VA problem :( I’ve seen reports of systems unable to boot because of the systemd->polkit->mozjs chain. Is anyone working on fixing that?

Special, might be an understatement.

But for polkit, I've posted patches pulling it forward to mozjs24 (needs testing!)

Given that mozjs24 is out of upstream support for quite some time now, wouldn't it make more sense to port it to something more recent?

My plan originally was to pull everything forward to mozjs45, but the JSAPI churn is such that moving it that far forward without breaking mozjs17/1.8.5 builds was more effort than I was willing to spend. OTOH, the maintainers seem open to dropping support for the older mozjs, so its probably worth revisiting. For the time being, aligning it with the rest of gnome/cinnamon (which is built against mozjs24 on fedora) seemed like a good first step. I'm focused on the packages built against 1.8.5, and should be publishing a few more changes to pull those packages forward to 24 real soon now. It seems to me that maintaining one or two versions of mozjs is better than the 6 currently in fedora rawhide.

BTW, I've actually got a version of polkit running against 45 but, it fails the abort script unit test right now, and I'm not confident it doesn't leak memory due to some error in rooting.

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