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Milan P. Stanic dijo [Fri, May 06, 2016 at 11:11:11PM +0200]:
> I don't know for ODROID but for different ARM machines I usually create
> (on the host) filesystem with debootstrap, compile u-boot and kernel,
> flash u-boot to card, copy created filesystem and kernel/modules to card,
> tweak all that a bit and boot.
> That way I have four different ARM machines/system (TF101, BananaPi,
> Lamobo RP1, Samsung Chromebook) with Debian on them.

This will push a bit towards the off-topic. That's what I do with some
of my boards as well. However, you are still running the
upstream-provided kernel and u-boot. And when there are stupid
settings which break down any notion of security in the provided Linux
kernel, you can get something like what I got with my Banana Pi M3:


So... That's way better than not having a clean Debian install, but
it's still far from ideal!

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