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Re: Good ARM board for Debian?

On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 8:20 PM, Jerry Stuckle <jstuckle@attglobal.net> wrote:

>>   but even rockchip are not immune to the "supernova SoC" effect.  that
>> amazing 28nm $12 quad-core SoC - which is only sold to clients with
>> good engineering resources (of whom there are extremely few - tom
>> cubie's team is one of them) or it's sold with "full support" services
>> to a handful of chinese tablet-tablet-tablet-tablet makers who have
>> proven that they can shift 100k units - will be viewed with increasing
>> unease by potential ODMs because of its age [under 9 months!].
> Understand.  But my client isn't in the tablet market.  High speed, all
> kinds of extra features, etc. is not necessary.  All they need to do is
> collect data and make it available via the ethernet port.

 well, there are plenty of SoCs out there that do that: even the
STM32F207 can do ethernet... but it's a 120mhz ARM Cortex-M, has a
limited amount of on-board RAM and so can't run debian (or any
mainstream GNU/Linux OS for that matter).

 what i'm pointing out is that your client's requirements are
completely and utterly 100% mutually exclusively incompatible, and
that's really the end of the discussion.  also, i have to say that on
learning that you're a consultant, i'm reluctant to assist further
unless there is a chance of some direct or indirect financial
renumeration.  either in the form of product orders or in the form of
consultancy fees.

 apologies to those people on debian-arm, i believe this discussion
may have strayed beyond the boundaries of debian-arm: i've tried to
keep the discussion general however it is beginning to get into
specifics so i won't take up peoples' time further on-list.  jerry if
you'd like to discuss this further off-list i'm happy to do so as long
as it proves financially worthwile, directly or indirectly, for me to
do so.


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