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Re: Good ARM board for Debian?

On Sun, Dec 22, 2013 at 11:09:39PM -0500, Jerry Stuckle wrote:
> Let's try this again.  I'm still looking for a good ARM board for  
> Debian.  I thought the Olinuxino A10s board would work until I found out  
> recently that Allwinner has stopped making the SDK as of last February.  
> No more updates for Linux, and it looks like this chip is going by the  
> wayside.  We need one which will be around for a while.

Wow, what world do you live in?

A world where cheap chinese manufacturers actually support their 
hardware? Where they make full software available for many years? What 
world is that?

Allwinner hardware has very extensive support, and a lot of this is 
delivered by the linux-sunxi.org community. We have several partial 
datasheets (A10 and A13), and a lot of code for A10, A13, A10s, A20 and 
A30. Olimex is actively engaged with this community. We have a chance to 
get fully free, fully functioning hardware as the projects to RE the GPU 
and VPU are well underway. There is simply nothing out there that can 
match that atm.

So buy an olimex board, it's way better supported than anything else out 

Luc Verhaegen.

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