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Re: Good ARM board for Debian?

On 12/23/2013 2:56 PM, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
jerry this is an example of a freescale SoC that could potentially fit
the requirements you've set.


like many of these cortex A5 SoCs it's relatively new, and quite... specialist.

As I said, new is not necessarily bad. First glance looks interesting; I'll look at it in more detail when I have more time.

the other one is that SAMA5:

the advantage of atmel SoCs is that atmel have considerable experience
in analogue: you *do not* need an external PMIC, just a few capacitors
and you're done, because they build the PMIC directly into the SoC

Analog isn't a problem; everything coming in will be digital. And output will be to the ethernet.

Not to say in the future they won't want to do something with controllers, but not this project. It's simply a monitor.

so do not be tempted to consider atmel SoCs on the price of the SoC
alone: bear in mind that the design will be simpler and the cost

but, do not also be tempted to just run at atmel or freescale going
"hooray!" - consider the expected lifetime of the product for the
client, as well, and check the end-of-life dates on the SoC [and all
other components].


I know everything has a lifetime. But it's better to go with something that isn't already near EOL when you have a product which is expected to last for several years.


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