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Re: recommend a netbook for Debian deployment?

On 6 November 2013 15:01, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl@lkcl.net> wrote:
On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 2:01 PM, Wookey <wookey@wookware.org> wrote:

> These people support linux on cheap tablets:
> https://pengpod.com/products
> (dual boot with android - linux on the SD, but a lot more open than most
> random hardware you can buy)

 ah that's neal.  yeah i'm deeply impressed by neal's entrepreneurial
spirit. the pengpod 700 and the 1000 went down extremely well.  he's
now doing a crowdfunding project for the A31-based "uber"-tablet.

The 1040 looks nice. It is out of my planned budget, but the 9.7 inch screen (non-widescreen) would mean I get more use out of it s a tablet too. (I really only need a tablet as a reader - for everything else I prefer a keyboard; and for reading, widescreen is quite bad).

What I would really like to know is what kind of performance the *GPU* would deliver and how well it's supported under GNU/Linux (as opposed to Android). The advertising describes GNU/Linux for "work". I want it for play :)
didn't want to alarm/discourage him, the fact that he's trying _at
all_ when so many others are going "yeah it'd be nice IF..." is just
amazing in itself... _but_... the A31 should instantly ring alarm
bells for anyone not just in the free software world but even in the
business world because it has powervr graphics.  

So what is wrong with that? Performance? Driver support?

> And the KDE plasma tablet is about to be announced (so I hear). Not sure
> exactly how long before you can buy one. Probably a couple of months or so, so
> definitely not 'available today'.

 that'll be me doing the hardware for that.  

...and that's the main reason I am using Debian - the people on its mailing lists :)

anyway anyone who'd like to follow along, it's all here:

Might be my fault but I could not find the basics there, as in CPU/GPU used, RAM, OpenGL status...
and, of course, how you can attach a keyboard. It does seem you are going for non widescreen which is kinda cool :)

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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