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Re: Installing Wheezy on DreamPlug: Unable to make the system bootable

Le samedi 31 août 2013 à 20:01 +0100, Ian Campbell a écrit :
> > In any case, there is a bug there -- my guess is that
> > flash-kernel-installer hangs because of the partitioning layout for some
> > reason. Note that running flash-kernel from the installed working system
> > with my custom layout did work.
> That's very odd. I'm afraid that without breaking in to get some logs
> I'm not sure how to take this any further.

Perhaps you could reproduce the bug by using my custom partitioning
layout and try to get logs from there? There is still the option of
enabling ssh to the installer (I managed to get root access to the
installer via ssh) and see what happens when it hangs.

I'm also starting to worry that reinstalling Debian too often might
start to kill my internal micro sdcard.

> > Could we look forward to either finding a workaround for me or seriously
> > fixing the issue down to the code and releasing a new installer image
> > for wheezy?
> That's what we have been doing, isn't it?

Basically, I had in mind that I would reflash both my DreamPlug and
SheevaPlug this week-end (one after the other, so that I can keep
receiving mails on one while I reflash the other), but maybe I'll focus
on properly installing Wheezy on the DreamPlug while letting the
SheevaPlug up this week and only flash it next week-end. By then, I'll
need the DreamPlug working.

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