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Re: ARMHF - Mediaplayer software?

First of all:
Thanks alot!

I thought that there was a library missing or it'd be some setting i'd need or 
forgot, but, okay.
Omxplayer does not show up in my apt-cache search output. Then again I modified 
the sources list to use my apt-cacher on my homeserver. Maybe there something 
blew up.
That I have to pay extra to use the hardware i paid for ( buying licenses for 
the decoder to be activated ) is making me think of "defective by design" and 
thus I'll take part of Luke's recommendation to heart ( buying a cubieboard 
next ), but I won't send them back. I'll just use them to replace my old NSLU 
2. As a webserver with USB plug-drives they work nicely.

I'll try to see where in Germany I can get a cubieboard. With it's SATA 
connector and its pricetag it looks most like what I want.

Rüdiger Leibrandt

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