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Re: Re: RE: Sending a simple mail from debian slug

On Sat, 15 Dec 2012, Tobias Wagner wrote:

> So I followed the hint from John Winters and did "dpkg-reconfigure
> exim4-config".

It would be really helpful if you could tell exactly how you 
configured exim.

> After finishing I got an errormessage like "paniclog not empty - mail system
> may be broken".

Would be helpful to see whats in /var/log/exim4/paniclog .

> Frustrated I logged off and today I cannot connect via ssh with putty anymore.
> I get "network error - connection refused". I tried using telnet but putty
> just exits without any message.

Telnet shouldn't be running normally. Would be good to know what else 
you've got installed (fail2ban or sth similar?).

> I rebooted the NSLU2 of course.

How? When?

> I can ping it successfully and a web frontend
> installed on it is also available.
> I would be happy to get help here.

You can read (and write to) the filesystem of your slug when you pull out 
the usb-stick where you installed debian (after shutdown ...) and mount it 
on a pc with linux (a live-system or a virtual machine will also do).

But without knowing what exactly you did before it will not be easy to get 
an idea how to repair.

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