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Re: re-debianize thecus n2100

finally revisiting this..

> As long as you rememebred to upgrade the firmware before you killed it, you
> don't need a serial console:
> http://www.cyrius.com/debian/iop/n2100/telnet.html

oh.. missed that.. thanks.


besides the above guide on martin's page i found several pages with
information and procedures dealing with redboot and fetching data via
tftp - and i'm sufficiently confident that i do everything right and
that it actually works (network-leds blinking, device beeping,
fan-speed changing..) ..

but for some reason it seems the ip-adress gets lost on the way, after
the "exec" command in redboot i can't ping the device with it's
default ip anymore. on one of the above mentioned other pages i found
the command "fconfig" to reacreate the original boot script, running
this lists the default values which also includes the default .. but still.. it doesn't work.

also without arping or anything, just letting a continous ping for the
ip running while booting it - there's only a very brief window in
which this ip is reachable..



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