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Re: potential new build hardware, "arndaleboard" samsung exynos 5,?2GB?ram

On Tue, Dec 04, 2012 at 11:28:35AM +0100, Arnaud Patard wrote:
> > USB ethernet is ASIX based and seems to work fine (once you set up mac
> > address). eSATA didn't work for me reliably, but sata code is still said to be
> > work in progress and my HD isn't in the list of (currently) supported
> > drivers of the above wikipage.
> what do you mean ? if one wants to use sata, one has to use one of the
> HD listed ? that sounds weird/wrong and rather annoying in case you need
> to replace a failing drive.

What I believe, is that sata driver simply isn't complete yet. Eventually
it should be fixed to implement all required features. At least since
the controller behind the platform code is AHCI, it would be surprising
if it was a hw issue rather than a driver issue.


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