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Re: potential new build hardware, "arndaleboard" samsung exynos 5, 2GB ram

Phil Endecott <spam_from_debian_arm <at> chezphil.org> writes: 
> peter green <plugwash <at> p10link.net> writes:
> > It looks like a new samsung based devboard has come out (though it's not 
> > scheduled to actually ship until november).
> Ignore it until it actually exists.

Maybe it does now exist, and is worth investigating :-)

The web page will let me click a "buy now" button, but it then says "Unexpected
Item In The Bagging Area" in a Javascript popup [*].  Maybe someone who has
better tolerance of crap websites than me could please work out what the actual
story is?

I agree with Peter that it is an interesting board.  The USB ethernet is
unfortunate, but looking on the bright side that might be better-supported than
some unknown SoC ethernet thing.

Cheers,  Phil.

[*] OK,  it actually say "You Are Not Allowed To Buy This".  But it has the same
kick-the-computer effect on me.

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