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Re: potential new build hardware, "arndaleboard" samsung exynos 5,?2GB?ram

On Sat, Dec 01, 2012 at 06:24:32PM +0000, Phil Endecott wrote:
> Phil Endecott <spam_from_debian_arm <at> chezphil.org> writes: 
> > peter green <plugwash <at> p10link.net> writes:
> > > It looks like a new samsung based devboard has come out (though it's not 
> > > scheduled to actually ship until november).
> > 
> > Ignore it until it actually exists.
> Maybe it does now exist, and is worth investigating :-)

Have now one as well, so it clearly does exist :)

One thing that might surprise people used to beagleboard/pandaboard
style boards is that this one is actually quite large. 

Booting and running the board using the quick setup instructions from:


Work just fine. The kernel is quite fresh (3.7-rc2 based) and is about
4000 lines / 40 changed away from mainline. The only major stumbling
block to debian support is that the exynos kernel isn't single zimage
ready (yet). Also, support for 3D acceleration and video codec
acceleration is android-only and propiertary.

> I agree with Peter that it is an interesting board.  The USB ethernet is
> unfortunate, but looking on the bright side that might be better-supported than
> some unknown SoC ethernet thing.

USB ethernet is ASIX based and seems to work fine (once you set up mac
address). eSATA didn't work for me reliably, but sata code is still said to be
work in progress and my HD isn't in the list of (currently) supported
drivers of the above wikipage.


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