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Re: System crashes on USB connection


On 28.11.2012 05:33, Herman Swartz wrote:
Thanks for your feedback Rainer.


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Subject: Re: System crashes on USB connection

On Mon, 26 Nov 2012, Herman Swartz wrote:

I have a Sheeva PLUG dev kit with Debian Linux release and the USB port
is not able to handle having a second USB device connected
simultaineously. I tried connecting a USB hub into the single USB of the
Sheeva PLUG and then plugging a hard drive into the hub. The PLUG is
able to boot using the USB hard drive but plugging anything else into
the USB hub disrupts everything. Debian must not coordinate adding
additional USB devices without disrupting the first device, probably
changing the existing device's reference point within the OS.

I don't think Debian is to blame -- I have a USB-Stick and 2 HDs via a USB-Hub attached to the NSLU2 and added the second HD while the slug was
running without any problem.

I use a few sheevaplugs with debian.

Take care of the devices naming.

If you do not use UUID or unique name, you may lost your system link.
It's not a Debian specific error, nor a ShevaPlug bug but a user misconfiguration !

The same for NSLU2 or any other Debian boxes...


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