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Re: System crashes on USB connection

On Mon, 26 Nov 2012, Herman Swartz wrote:

> I have a Sheeva PLUG dev kit with Debian Linux release and the USB port 
> is not able to handle having a second USB device connected 
> simultaineously. I tried connecting a USB hub into the single USB of the 
> Sheeva PLUG and then plugging a hard drive into the hub. The PLUG is 
> able to boot using the USB hard drive but plugging anything else into 
> the USB hub disrupts everything. Debian must not coordinate adding 
> additional USB devices without disrupting the first device, probably 
> changing the existing device's reference point within the OS.

I don't think Debian is to blame -- I have a USB-Stick and 2 HDs via a 
USB-Hub attached to the NSLU2 and added the second HD while the slug was 
running without any problem.

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