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Re: Need help with install Debian on INTEL SS4000-e

On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 12:54 PM, Henk Smit <henksmit@quicknet.nl> wrote:


Oke, now i see that you have loaded the rammode.

I'm going to try this now. I'll keep you informed.

Hm, it might be that it worked for me with these images, not the d-i... If you fail with previous images try the ones from here:

I'm pretty sure all you need is working redboot, 2 right files and 3 commands in redboot. And use ymodem.

That might maybe explain why I had squeeze installed, not wheezy, which I tried but didn't do it.
Good thing is that after installing squeeze, you can add backports and install a 3.2 kernel, which works very smoothly, just apt-get and reboot.


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