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Re: Workstation based on ARM motherboard, good idea ?

Pascal Brugier wrote (ao):
> >http://boundarydevices.com/products/ lists two mx6quad boards.
> Thank you for this inforamtion.
> Things I forgot, it's the amount of memory use by web browser when
> many tabs are open as I do and the problems from website using flash
> or java.
> I thin I'll continue to use X86 for my workstation and when I'll
> upgrade my server hardware I'll loke to ARM motherboards again.

This one has crossed the list before:


"OpenBlocks AX3 / OpenBlocks A6

The newest model, the OpenBlocks A Family series, with ARM CPU up to
dual-core ARM 1.33 GHz and 3 GB of main memory, offers a big performance
upgrade in an even smaller case. It is a powerful platform to create
appliances from Web-based applications."


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