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Building a kernel for DreamPlug


I am trying to build the kernel from the Vyatta router source code. I believe I have correctly set up the build, but I get the following error:

debian/ruleset/misc/checks.mk:36: *** Error. I do not know where the kernel image goes to [kimagedest undefined] The usual case for this is that I could not determine which arch or subarch this machine belongs to. Please specify a subarch, and try again.. Stop.

Debian bug database has 2 issues that appear relevant: #664854 and 671533.

Is it correct that there is a problem with building the armel architecture? If so is there a work around?

More info: I am building the pacifica branch of Vyatta, but on Wheezy instead of Squeeze which is what Vyatta is using as a base.

Thanks for any tips...


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