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Re: pb with sheeva plug and usb/sd memory cards

Hello again,

just an idea : I can find cheap "old SATA 3G" SSD disk + usb box. Should
it be a good solution? For, say, 50 $, I can get 32 GB and those SSD
seems much more reliable.

I'm interested in your opinions (and in answers to my first post!)

thanks ahead

Laurent Lesage

Laurent Lesage a écrit :
> Hello all,
> I don't know if it is the right place for this kind of questions -
> please let me know.
> I'm using sheeva plugs as asterisk servers wit debian armel ports. I've
> used the instructions on MArtin's site
> (http://www.cyrius.com/debian/kirkwood/sheevaplug/) to get the plugs
> run. I used SD cards at the beginning, but I found that USB keys were
> quicker to read/write and used usb keys. My first problem is that I got
> 2 keys "burned", i.e. following a power outage, I cannot write anymore
> on those keys (cannot create a file system on it). I used the
> "commit=120, noatime" mount options to avoid too many writes on it but
> it seems there has been another problem. the systems ran 1 or 2 years
> without problem.
> **So my first question : does anybody have such an experience with
> similar usage and similar problems with usb keys for System+storage?
> I tried to revert to SD card. I tried a SDHC sony (not a recent one bu a
> new one). I restored the system on it and it worked ... during one or
> 2weeks. After that, the system could not write on the card any more. the
> system was stil running but with lots of write errors. I restored the
> system once more. One day later, same problem. It seems that the SD card
> is not "suited" for that usage. But directly connected to another
> computer, it seems OK and I can read/write on it, though it is not as
> quick as the USB key I used before.
> I restored the system once more. first boot quite slow but ok. Then,
> failed on 2dn boot (a "screen log" file of the console is attached). it
> seems that the plug is messing up the filesystem on the sd card and
> can't use it.
> ** so my second question : is it possible that the driver for the SD
> card causes some problem? Or must I use some specific SD card so that it
> may run (may be a quicker one?) Is there a possibility to tune some
> parameters on the debian system or on the plug so that it can wait if
> the card is a bit slow?
> thank you for your answers.

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