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pb with sheeva plug and usb/sd memory cards

Hello all,

I don't know if it is the right place for this kind of questions -
please let me know.

I'm using sheeva plugs as asterisk servers wit debian armel ports. I've
used the instructions on MArtin's site
(http://www.cyrius.com/debian/kirkwood/sheevaplug/) to get the plugs
run. I used SD cards at the beginning, but I found that USB keys were
quicker to read/write and used usb keys. My first problem is that I got
2 keys "burned", i.e. following a power outage, I cannot write anymore
on those keys (cannot create a file system on it). I used the
"commit=120, noatime" mount options to avoid too many writes on it but
it seems there has been another problem. the systems ran 1 or 2 years
without problem.

**So my first question : does anybody have such an experience with
similar usage and similar problems with usb keys for System+storage?

I tried to revert to SD card. I tried a SDHC sony (not a recent one bu a
new one). I restored the system on it and it worked ... during one or
2weeks. After that, the system could not write on the card any more. the
system was stil running but with lots of write errors. I restored the
system once more. One day later, same problem. It seems that the SD card
is not "suited" for that usage. But directly connected to another
computer, it seems OK and I can read/write on it, though it is not as
quick as the USB key I used before.
I restored the system once more. first boot quite slow but ok. Then,
failed on 2dn boot (a "screen log" file of the console is attached). it
seems that the plug is messing up the filesystem on the sd card and
can't use it.

** so my second question : is it possible that the driver for the SD
card causes some problem? Or must I use some specific SD card so that it
may run (may be a quicker one?) Is there a possibility to tune some
parameters on the debian system or on the plug so that it can wait if
the card is a bit slow?

thank you for your answers.

Laurent Lesage

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